RegistryPro .PRO Auction Nets Big Money

When ICANN authorized the sale of new top-level domains (TLD) last year hopes were high among some of the industry’s top operators that auctions in 2012 would net great results. Vancouver-based RegistryPro, the ICANN-designated operator of the .PRO domain was certainly among them. At the close of its latest seven-day auction they could not be more pleased with the results.

Opening bids on some of the most desirable domains started at USD $5,000, continuing to rise at a sometimes fevered pitch as the auction wound down through its final hours. The big winner for the seven-day event was, garnering a high bid of $40,000. Registry Pro president Karim Jiwani was very pleased with the auction results, as one would expect.

“We are ecstatic about the sale of and can’t wait to see what the buyer does with the domain,” he said. “Registrants of .PRO domains tend to be innovative in their use of the TLD, and we have high hopes for the development of all the domains that were sold in the auction.”

Jiwani went on to explain that the success of this latest auction was not too surprising. He cited the fact that the .PRO domain has a lot of built-in value simply because of all the words that can be creatively attached to it. He believes further auctions will see excellent results as well. He pointed to the successful auctions of ($18,903) and ($5,456) as further evidence.

This most recent domain name auction was held in a joint effort between RegistryPro and GoDaddy, with the latter providing the auction platform.

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