Report: GoDaddy Driving IPv6 Support

A brand-new report published on November 21 2011 shows that support for IPv6 has increased nearly 2,000% over the last year. Not surprisingly, the report also pointed to domain registrar monolith GoDaddy as being one of the driving forces behind it. According to an automated census of the three most popular domain name suffixes, support for IPv6 grew from 1.27% of the total domains in 2010 to more than 25% this year. A good number of those domains are hosted by GoDaddy.

According to Infoblox, the sponsor of the census and subsequent reports, the results showed just how much a registrar like GoDaddy can influence the adoption of new Internet technology. Furthermore, they insist that IPv6 support could grow even more dramatically if more web hosting companies adopted support for Web servers and e-mail.

In a written statement, general manager of the Infoblox IPv6 Center of Excellence, Cricket Liu, said, “If your external presence only supports IPv4, then the only devices that can communicate with you will be those with IPv4 addresses. To the growing population of pure IPv6 devices, you’re invisible…Focus first on providing IPv6 to the outside world and then work inward in stages. Do this and IPv6 deployment will be relatively painless and prove to be a valuable long-term investment for business growth.”

In addition to showing GoDaddy as the driving force behind IPv6 adoption, the census further revealed that the countries most on board with the new technology include the United States, the Czech Republic, and France. Outside the U.S. the registrars with the highest adoption rates include Active 24, Gandi, and OVH. Web hosting companies interested in learning more about adopting IPv6 are encouraged to visit the Infoblox IPv6 Center of Excellence.

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