Saavis Enters Canadian Cloud Market

It’s no secret that the Canadian cloud market is relatively small at this time with only a handful of players currently offering service. St. Louis-based Saavis is now one of those players after announcing the expansion of its Symphony Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) into Canada. The new data centre, located in Toronto, will allow the company to provide their suite of cloud services to companies who need to host within Canada in order to abide by federal regulations.

Symphony VPDC is Saavis’ enterprise-level cloud platform offering customers a plethora of cloud products designed to maximize security, flexibility, and multiple levels of support. Using this platform companies can turn around and offer their own customers a number of solutions including standard web hosting, mission-critical hosting, applications as a service, testing and development services, and so on.

Symphony VPDC was recently rolled out by Saavis in Germany, Japan, and Hong Kong. So far it’s been successful everywhere it’s been deployed.

“Saavis continues to experience rapidly increasing global demand – including in Canada – for our proven, enterprise-ready cloud services,” said Saavis VP and Canadian Regional Leader John Witte. “The launch of Symphony VPDC on Canadian soil enables regional enterprises and global Saavis clients to improve their business agility through improved efficiency from their IT infrastructure.”

Saavis is a global company offering collocation, VPS, cloud services, and Web hosting to customers around the world. The company currently operates a Tier 1 network consisting of more than 2,000,000 ft.² of dedicated floor space at 50+ data centres. Their Toronto-based services are already being utilized by Meridian, a manufacturer of self-service kiosk solutions.

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