Senior Network Engineer Named at Canadian Web Hosting

Canadian Web Hosting has announced the naming of a new Senior Network Engineer in anticipation of the company’s expansion of its cloud architecture and service offerings. At this time cloud hosting is a limited market in Canada, but experts believe it is poised to take off rapidly in the very near future. Canadian Web Hosting is aiming to be in the forefront of that growth by expanding and extending the capabilities now. Their New Senior Network Engineer, Mike Phung, will be at the forefront of the company’s effort.

Phung’s first task will be to oversee the expansion of CWH’s cloud infrastructure service. When complete the expansion will increase the opportunity for the company’s cloud customers to manage their own environments across multiple sites. That management will include control over storage, IP routing, disaster recovery, and resource allocation. The idea is to allow customers as much control over their environments as possible without having to be cloud experts.

“We’ve been working with Mike for some time and believe that he will be a valuable asset to our technical team and helping us move forward with the next iteration of our CA Cloud infrastructure services coming in May,” said CTO, Kevin Liang. “He gives our customers proven experience maintaining an industry leading network backbone and has worked with many leading enterprise and hosting technologies from companies like Juniper, Cisco and Dell. We are excited to have him on board.”

Canadian Web Hosting’s plans come as good news to Canadian businesses now scrambling to comply with federal privacy laws requiring they store all Canadian data on Canadian-based servers. Earlier this year the company added Joyent’s SmartDataCenter to their lineup to provide it as a hosted service to their Canadian clients.

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