Server Cloud Canada Gives HP Big Industry Win

At a time when HP is struggling in many markets throughout the world, they recently announced a big score in landing Server Cloud Canada for their new beta HP Cloud Services program. The announcement was made late last week amidst great fanfare, as HP is looking to get their new services into the mainstream as quickly as possible. Landing Server Cloud Canada is a major accomplishment given that HP’s new Cloud Compute and Cloud Object Storage programs are only a month old.

According to last week’s announcement Server Cloud Canada did its due diligence by researching products from IBM, Dell, and Cisco, but settled on HP’s Cloud System Matrix as the backbone of its plans to offer private cloud computing to clients. The Matrix will allow private clouds with customer-enabled provisioning and faster resource delivery. Server Cloud Canada believes the HP Cloud System Matrix is the perfect tool to help them manage the ever-evolving needs of its cloud customers.

One of the big factors in the decision to go with HP is the fact that Server Cloud Canada was able to avoid the cost of installing a new $200,000 power source. Apparently, by settling on the HP system, the company reduces power costs by 60% right off the top. And according to Server Cloud Canada chief technology officer Kevin Moniz, HP’s Cloud System Matrix had everything they were looking for in one package.

“We wanted a solution where each component installed was best in its class,” he said. “HP had a complete product top to bottom, where we could say it’s tried, true and tested. No competitor could match that, and we believe this gives us a competitive advantage.”

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