Server Sitters Offers Web Design Services for Web Hosts

The start of 2013 spells good news for web hosts in North America and Europe as Server Sitters announced it plans to release a special website design service for these web hosts to offer their customers.

They say the new service will serve as a vital tool for web hosts big and small; and regardless of the clients they happen to cater to. Server Sitters decided on the idea with avidity when they saw many people dealt with hosting services that did not offer such services. This will also add to Server Sitters’ own range of services. On a side note, on the first day of the New Year the organisation claimed it would repackage its application development and unbranded design services. This will involve minor modifications to its social media development and layout offerings.

Adam Gallant, the SEO for Server Sitters said: “The upcoming 2013 launch of our brand new website design and development department shows just how committed we really are to expanding our partner experience, and offering the best value and more options to our growing client base.”

As of this writing, Server Sitters currently has not settled on a final price for its new design services. However, representatives for the company did reveal the new range of services would include different packages to suit different clients. Users can also add additional services to their current package for an extra charge if they so desire.

Web hosts will benefit in particular from incorporating Server Sitters’ new design services into their own portfolios. By collaborating with this company, they can put themselves ahead of the competition and place more control into the hands of consumers. It will also mean they can replace many of their own design services, which some people have described as generic and inferior. Overall, the New Year signals good things for web hosts throughout the world.

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