Server Sitters Unveils New Satellite Operations in California

Server Sitters has recently expanded its support options by opening a new satellite operations centre in Northern California.

This Canadian company, based on Prince Edward Island, has offices in Michigan and this latest move into Northern California will allow it to effectively cover the whole of the continental US. The company states that it wants to offer a new and improved level of customer service to help deal with customer needs.

Adam Gallant, the Server Sitters CEO and director, commented on the firm’s stance, “With our client base and business growing rapidly, we will continue to work in the best interests of our customers. This new facility will ultimately translate to an even higher level of service and support for our customer base.”

Server Sitters has launched an aggressive globalisation strategy for 2013, and it hinted towards this with this latest move. Although it is currently only situated in the US and Canada, it wants to begin expanding its services overseas to Europe and the growing markets of Asia. There is currently no news on its strategy for achieving this.

Gallant made a further comment on where the idea for a Northern California centre came from, “When we attended our first HostingCon, we found that a good prospective market for business enhancement would include adding a facility on the west coast of the United States, and soon thereafter, decided that northern California would be our first step in this direction.”

The company also became bilingual in the last few months when it began offering customer support teams in French. This is especially important for Canadian customers, many of whom speak French as a first language.

Observers predict Server Sitters to continue rising in stock in the next few years as it seems determined to expand quickly without compromising the level of service offered to its new and current customers.

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