ServInt Uses Flex Line to Upgrade its Dedicated Managed Servers

ServInt, a web hosting provider, launched its new managed dedicated servers on March 13th 2012. These servers have been upgraded to have more RAM, more storage space, and more cores with its larger CPUs.

These new servers are the first of the web host’s cloud infrastructure upgrades. They have been named Flex Pro, Flex Enterprise, and Flex Express. They were brought in so the cloud requirements of the future could be met as the platform continually expands and upgrades itself. Customers who purchase Flex will be provided with new features as they are released, a press release from the company said.

Commentators are assuming that this focus on technology by the company is going to be a major part of the web host’s strategy for the future, due to the fact that these new servers offer many more features and a number of additional upgrade options.

Along with the upgrade, the number of servers which ServInt are offering has been cut from 10 servers to 3. However, the remaining servers do offer more range so the company can be more versatile and do more with less.

These three servers all use the same Dell hardware, but each server does differ to match the needs of the customer. The base server is called Flex Express and costs $199 a month. Flex Express offers RAM of 12GB, storage of 1.5TB and an Intel E5645 processor. Additional features include a 6TB limit on monthly bandwidth transfer and a 12 MB Smart Cache. As is already clear, the remaining servers offer variations of this base server and will cost more or less depending on which features come with them.

With the more expensive servers, Hot Swap drives are provided which means that customers will have no downtime whatsoever in the event of a system failure.

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