Setting up a Blog in Shopify


Your Shopify store is your online retail environment where you sell the goods and services you are extremely proud to offer customers. So why are you not getting the kind of traffic you were expecting? Probably because the world does not know your store exists. You need to drive traffic to your site the same way a brick-and-mortar shop owner has to get people to walk in the front door. One of the most effective ways to do this is by blogging.

Establishing a blog and updating it with regular posts does three things. First, it lets search engines such as Google know that your site is active and maintained. Second, it gives you opportunities to share content through your social media channels. And third, it gives you an avenue for engaging with customers for the purposes of keeping your business at the forefront of their minds.

Fortunately for Shopify users, the platform includes a built-in blogging module that makes establishing and updating your blog as easy as possible. With just a few steps, you can set up your blog in minutes.

Setting up Your Blog

Before you can publish your first post, you need to tell Shopify how you want your blog set up. Start by navigating to Admin> Online Store> Blog Posts. This will take you directly to the blog module where you can set your options. Click ‘Manage blogs’ to create your first blog. You can also add additional blogs later on if you want.

Clicking this link will bring up a dialogue box that you will need to complete. You will have to input options for your blog title and how you want to manage comments. Your comments options are as follows:

  • All comments are disabled
  • All comments must be moderated
  • Comments are allowed without moderation.

We recommend starting with the second option until you see what kind of traffic your blog generates. Comments are a good way to increase search engine traffic as long as they are relevant and do not damage your company’s reputation.

When you’re done setting your options, simply click ‘Save blog‘ to complete the process. You can then create your first post or, if you prefer, modify what your blog post template looks like. The default template from Shopify may or may not be appealing to you.

Modifying the Template

Should you choose to modify the template, you can do so through the Themes section of the Shopify Admin. Just find the theme you want to modify and click the Edit HTML/CSS link. As an alternative, you can create a new template of your own or upload one procured from another source. When you are done editing or uploading, be sure to save your changes. Now you’re ready to create and publish your first blog post.

Remember to post regularly in order to get maximum effect from your blog. The more you engage with your customers, the more traffic you will drive to your site.

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