Setting Up Shipping Options for Your Shopify Store – Part 1


Your choice to use Shopify suggests that you are hoping to sell your products beyond your local area. As such, shipping will be an important part of your business model. It is wise to set up your shipping options before you list your first product for sale because doing so ahead of time enables you to step back and think about shipping from a clear perspective. Waiting until you have an order may cause you to make shipping decisions you later regret.

Setting up shipping in Shopify is very simple. It starts by navigating to the ‘Shipping’ page in your administration panel. Click on Administration> Settings> Shipping to get started. There are a lot of parameters for you to set up, but Shopify walks you through each one. You will have to consider:

  • Acceptable shipping destinations
  • Your shipping rates and any extra charges
  • Your choice of carriers
  • Your choice of fulfilment providers (if applicable).

Whatever options you choose while setting up shipping will be displayed for your customers accordingly. Any decision to change shipping options in the future is not a problem; you can return to the settings page and make your changes.

Entering Your Information

The first thing you will have to do in the shipping settings is enter your information. Once on the settings page, click ‘Edit address’ to enter your shipping address. This is the address that will appear on shipping labels and any bills of lading you might have to generate for foreign shipping. Click ‘Update shipping address’ to save your data. You can return to this screen if you need to change your address at a later date.

Choosing Shipping Destinations

The second step is to choose your preferred shipping destinations. Some retailers are willing to ship anywhere in the world; others prefer to limit shipping to domestic destinations only. It’s entirely up to you. Click on Settings> Shipping> Shipping rates> Add shipping zone.

From there, you will be presented with a search bar into which you can input specific countries you are interested in. Shopify will auto-fill some data and provide you with a list of options in a drop-down menu as you go. You can click on each country you are interested in to add it to your list of acceptable destinations.

Keep in mind that some countries will give you additional options for individual provinces, states, etc. This allows you to fine-tune shipping zones if there are some regions in a particular country you don’t want to ship to. Give each destination you have chosen a ‘Zone name’ that you’ll remember. Then click ‘Create zone’ to add it to your list. You can continue following these steps until all of your chosen destinations are covered.

Now you should have all of your shipping zones created. Be sure to visit next time for part two of this series; we will outline the steps necessary to create different shipping rates and set up your carriers and fulfilment providers.

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