SherWeb Deploys Hosted Exchange Service Pack 2

Just two days prior to opening as a first-time vendor at the 2012 Microsoft World Partner Conference, SherWeb announced the deployment of the Hosted Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2. As a global leader in hosted business solutions, the Canadian company believes the service pack will streamline management of Hosted Exchange 2010 with a range of new features including a simplified address book. Exchange 2010 is just one of several Microsoft products the company hosts for customers around the world.

The deployment comes at a time when SherWeb is offering new bundles of the Microsoft e-mail application which include customizable plans, free migration, and around-the-clock customer support. SherWeb hopes the combination of their new packages and the Service Pack 2 deployment will ease concerns of customers that have been considering signing up but have been reluctant to do so thus far. SherWeb believes it can provide a seamless transition without any loss of service to the customer.

“SherWeb always makes a point of offering the latest, most advanced cloud technologies and solutions”, stated SherWeb Executive VP Matthew Cassar. “Hosted Exchange 2010 being our most popular product, it was only natural that we would release the Service Pack 2 to provide our customers with an enhanced user experience.”

Undoubtedly the company will go out of its way to talk about Hosted Exchange 2010 during the Microsoft World Partner Conference being held in Toronto from July 8-12. SherWeb also plans to focus a lot of attention on any resellers attending the event, with the goal of signing new contracts and developing new relationships with resellers already in the Microsoft pipeline. It represents a great opportunity for the company to further its reputation as a certified Microsoft partner.

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