SherWeb Doubles Commissions

SherWeb, the Canadian web hosting company operating DNAmail and other well-known Internet brands, announced earlier this week a plan to double the commissions they pay in their affiliate marketing program. Programs like the one offered by SherWeb pay affiliates for their referrals when those referrals become paying customers. Such programs are used to generate new business through tried-and-true word-of-mouth marketing.

The doubling of commissions is in response to the overwhelming number of IT professionals wanting to join the affiliate program. SherWeb realizes that such a large number of referrals will translate into paying customers producing revenue that will more than cover what the company pays in commissions. With the new increase, all referrals that end up being converted are worth twice the value of the first month of service for the new customer. While that’s significant anyway you look at it, it could amount to a lot of money earned from new commercial customers.

“We want to create the best affiliate program possible for our partners,” said SherWeb’s Simon Langlois. “It’s important that we pay our affiliates in a fair and equitable way that’s proportional to the effort they put in. We feel that our commission model does just that.”

The company’s referral program is aimed primarily at IT consultants and other independent professionals who will act as affiliates for SherWeb. Even so, existing web hosting customers can certainly become affiliates as well in order to earn commissions. Individuals or companies interested in becoming a SherWeb affiliate can find the necessary information by visiting the SherWeb’s website and taking a look at the affiliate program page.

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