SherWeb Ready for Apple’s New iPad

Montréal-based SherWeb, most known for its hosted business solutions, has again demonstrated it is on the cutting edge of the technology curve with an announcement regarding Hosted Exchange 2010 and the new Apple iPad. According to the announcement their Exchange deployment fully supports the mail function of the brand-new iPad which hit stores late last week. SherWeb customers who are also Apple fans will be delighted to know that their new tablets will be supported by their web host company.

“SherWeb end-users tend to be at the forefront of adopting new technology and we anticipate that many of them will purchase Apple’s new iPad,” said SherWeb executive vice president Matthew Cassar. “With connectivity being so essential these days, it’s vital that our Hosted Exchange 2010 environment lets them make the switch effortlessly.”

SherWeb officials have taken the step to support the new iPad based on numbers suggesting more and more of their customers are moving to tablets. And as tablet sales increase they expect more of their customers to be purchasing iPads over the competition. It is a calculated risk, yet one that’s not hard to take given the current tablet market.

If Canonical, the South African software development company founded by Mark Shuttleworth, can succeed in bringing its open-source tablet OS to market this spring it could potentially change the dynamic of the iPad. However, being that it’s open source it shouldn’t have any effect on SherWeb or any other like-minded web hosting companies because they could easily create compatible solutions.

SherWeb is an international web hosting company originally founded in 1998. The company provides hosted business solutions, e-mail servers, collaboration services online backup, and web hosting solutions primarily to business customers.

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