SherWeb Unveils New Support Model

SherWeb, the Canadian web host and certified Microsoft partner, has made the news again with the announcement of an improved reseller support model. This marks the third significant announcement from the company in a little over a week as it seeks to solidify its position as a leading hosted application and cloud service provider. This latest announcement appears to be very similar to one Microsoft made at the start of their annual partnership conference on July 2, 2012.

According to SherWeb officials the new support model allows resellers to offload all direct customer support to SherWeb while still owning customers and the relationships with them. The plan answers a critical need resellers have been complaining about for years. They are not equipped to handle large volume support issues yet at the same time, they don’t want to pass off their customers to companies like SherWeb and lose business as a result. The new support model solves that problem.

“Our distributor model is an easy, risk-free way to resell high-demand cloud services,” said SherWeb’s Mathieu Leblanc in an official statement. “Distributors boost profits by reselling high-revenue products like our award-winning Hosted Exchange bundles, while delegating to us whatever support they are unable or unwilling to provide, from pre- to post-migration and everything in between.”

SherWeb has also made it clear that the new support model has no impact on their white label reseller program. That program allows resellers to sell SherWeb solutions under their own brand while still retaining full customer ownership. Under the white-label model resellers set their own pricing, do their own marketing, and provide their own customer support. The white-label option will continue to be available to all resellers.

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