Shopify Now Offers On-Demand Delivery Option


It is good to know that Shopify evolves with technology – especially if you are a retailer who has built your online store on the platform. One example of that evolution is being able to offer your customers on-demand delivery. That’s right, Shopify now offers an on-demand delivery option for retailers who contract services such as UberRUSH and Postmates.

Shopify does not handle shipping and delivery for you, they just make it easy to implement it in your retail store by including the underlying code that makes it all work. Offering your customers on-demand delivery could be a very good move if you are hoping to:

  • be more competitive
  • encourage your customers to shop more often with you
  • bring more new customers into your retail family
  • give customers a reason to recommend your business to others.

We are living in an on-demand economy in which customers want things faster and better than ever before. On-demand delivery is just one of those things retailers are embracing to keep up.

Activating On-Demand Delivery

As with anything else, activating the on-demand delivery option in Shopify is straightforward. You will find the option in the Shipping section of the Shopify Amin. Just navigate there and you’ll see exactly what we are talking about. To offer the option, two conditions must be met:

  • Your Store Must Be Eligible – Not all stores are eligible for on-demand delivery. Eligible stores are already on an active Shopify plan, carry at least one active product, and must fulfil orders manually rather than using a drop-shipping service.
  • Eligible Delivery Services – Second, store owners must use an eligible delivery service provider. Shopify only supports the two mentioned at the start of this post: UberRUSH and Postmates. They will likely add more providers as on-demand delivery expands throughout Canada and the U.S.

Provided your store meets the two eligibility requirements, you can activate the feature simply by navigating to the Shipping settings, clicking ‘Local deliveries’, and then ‘Activate’. You just activate the option for the delivery service you use.

Once activated, you then need to manage your settings to set up on-demand delivery in whatever way suits you. On-demand delivery settings include:

  • your contact details
  • pick-up details
  • retail hours for pick-up options
  • notification options
  • restrictions for on-demand delivery.

Note that it is not necessary to have a retail location where customers can pick up their items in order to use on-demand delivery. The settings are included just in case you need them. You can include details from multiple retail options if that applies to your situation.

Compete More Aggressively

On-demand delivery is not right for every Shopify retail store owner. But for some, it is a terrific way to be more aggressive in the competition for business. Shopify makes on-demand delivery easy by building the option into the platform. Just one click, a few adjustments to your settings, and you are ready to start offering on-demand delivery to your customers.

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