Shopify’s Holiday Hiring Tips for Retailers


Shopify is more than just an e-commerce platform. It is an entire community made up of users and developers all striving to make the era of digital shopping the best it can be. To that end, you can find lots of helpful advice right on the Shopify website. For example, we recently found a great article talking about hiring for the holiday season.

Online retailers might need extra help to process orders during November and December. Others may operate pop-up stores requiring temporary sales associates. Regardless of the reasons for hiring holiday staff, there are some principles that are common to most scenarios.

This Shopify post offers a list of holiday hiring tips for retailers as explained below. They apply whether a retailer uses Shopify or not.

1. Start Hiring ASAP

It takes at least some time to get new staff familiar with how you run your business. Furthermore, the competition for holiday help increases the closer we get to the peak of the shopping season. Both these things dictate that you start hiring ASAP. The sooner you can onboard your temporary staff, the better prepared you will be.

2. Adjust Work Schedules

Shopify recommends working with current part-time employees willing to take full-time hours during the holiday season. Obviously, you do not want to try to force things. But being able to temporarily convert willing part-timers to full-timers can alleviate some of the pressure of holiday hiring.

3. Proactively Recruit

The Shopify blog that inspired this post offers three recruiting tips that we have combined into one. The tip is this: recruit your holiday help from labour pools that are most likely to be productive for your business. This means family members and friends looking for some extra cash as well as college students likely to be in town for the month of December. You can work with a temp agency, but just make sure it is a reputable one.

4. Consider Remote Help

If your store is strictly online, you don’t necessarily need all your temporary help to live in your general area. Local people can be brought in to help physically process orders and get them out the door, but you can use remote workers to handle things like customer service and payments. Just be aware that any remote help you bring in should consist of people who can work independently.

5. Over Staff Your Store

Lastly, Shopify recommends over staffing. As counterproductive as this might sound, their advice is actually very good. Your regular employees are undoubtedly going to want to take time off to be with their families. You may also be dealing with employee sick days and personal days as well. And of course, you will hopefully do better this year than you did last year. A little extra help never hurts.

As we approach the 2018 holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about hiring temporary help. Get ready now so that you’re not caught off guard when the seasonal rush begins.

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