Sidera Networks Expands to Canada and UK

Sidera Networks, the American-based network services company, has just announced an expansion of its fibre-optic network into Canada and the UK. Beginning Monday, May 14, 2012 Sidera Networks started offering low latency connectivity to both the Toronto and London markets. The new service offers new fibre optic routes to complement what Sidera already provided in those two markets.

Among those with the most to gain are web hosting companies, financial networks, and legal networks that all depend on high data transfer speeds and low latency for applications that use large amounts of bandwidth for real-time operations. Canadian web hosting companies providing cloud services and dedicated virtual hosting are right at the top of the list. Their customers would immediately notice the impact in terms of the speed of their servers and websites.

“As part of Sidera’s strategic plan to grow our network in ways that complement our existing customers and assets, this addition of low-latency routes to Toronto and London makes perfect sense,” said Sidera Networks President Clint Heiden. “By rapidly responding to customer demand and delivering the lowest latency routes possible, Sidera is building on its leadership in a market where we already provide the network that clears roughly $7 trillion in trades daily.”

In addition to the benefits offered web hosting companies, Sidera’s fibre optic network is ideal for financial transactions between New York and Toronto or New York and London. The company also provides similar low latency routes to Chicago, Washington DC, and other major metropolitan areas. Sidera Networks also offers Internet access, collocation services, and more, to enterprise-level clients in North America and Europe.

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