SK Gold Announces Partnership with CloudFlare

Canadian businesses with the need for a secure web presence will have another option in the cloud arena thanks to a partnership recently announced by Calgary-based SKGold. The company has joined forces with CloudFlare to develop cloud computing services with increased security features. These services will be promoted among system administrators, resellers, and website developers. The partnership is expected to drastically improve the cloud security being offered by SKGold.

In addition to the increased security, the new technology provided by the partnership should make for a more robust and profitable cloud environment. According to company officials, the key to the entire system is CloudFlare’s firewall system. With this system all traffic is routed directly through the CloudFlare network and filtered according to their evolving parameters. In terms of inbound traffic, only sites recognized as “safe” or “good” will be allowed through, while all others are terminated. This system eliminates not only outside attacks, it also reduces the amount of traffic on a given network, thereby optimizing the performance of websites within the environment.

“Our customers are going to enjoy an entirely new level of function with CloudFlare,” said SKGold CEO Sergey Krongold. “Their websites will load more quickly, and attacks by the bad guys won’t be a problem any longer. The list of CloudFlare’s basic features is amazing.”

According to Krongold, existing customers will not see any associated rate increase as a result of the new Cloud Flayer service. He doesn’t expect rate increases to be passed along to new customers either. The partnership is just one of the ways SKGold is looking to improve quality and customer satisfaction. SKGold insists new and future customers should be able to learn the new system very easily, thus keeping their websites secure and fully optimized.

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