SoftCom Inc. Announces $5 Million Financing Package

Web hosting company SoftCom Inc., better known for their and domains, has just announced a new financing deal worth some USD $5 million. The additional funding will be used to help the company pursue its growth objectives including expanding its virtual private server business. The company is already one of the leading international web host providers to offer shared Web hosting, VPS hosting, cloud services, and hosted applications.

Though no details have been released about the deal, including who is supplying the financing, SoftCom was represented in the transaction by Deloittes Capital. The two companies have enjoyed a close relationship over the years as a result of previous fundraising activities. Deloittes Capital officials expressed their pleasure in being able to help SoftCom expand its business through the new round of financing.

For their part, SoftCom officials remarked of their commitment to providing only the best VPS solutions to its customers around the world. The opportunity to expand also presents the opportunity to increase the company’s software development, customer service, and network infrastructure.

“We have been fortunate enough to grow SoftCom organically since its inception in 1997,” SoftCom CEO Turker Sokullu said in his official remarks. “Our past success and strength of our current business has enabled us to raise capital at unprecedented rates. We are planning to leverage this competitive advantage by further expanding our customer base at an aggressive rate over the coming weeks and months.”

Toronto-based SoftCom Inc. was founded in 1997 and maintains its headquarters on Bay Street. The company also has offices in Rochester, New York USA and Istanbul, Turkey.

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