SoftLayer Technologies Passes SOC 2 Type II Exam in 13 Centres

Global web hosting provider SoftLayer Technologies revealed its 13 data centres around the world had completed the SOC 2 Type II exam.

The data centres in the exam included its Singapore and Netherlands centres, as well as a number of centres in their home country of the US. Each exam was conducted independently by a third-party firm. Weaver, the auditing and accounting firm in question, evaluated the centres for security and availability by looking deeply into the centres’ processes.

What the SOC 2 certification means for customers is they can expect a minimal level of security and reliability from their service. Moreover, clients who have PCI DSS and HIPAA certification can also combine the SOC certification in order to meet its online compliance requirements.

A report conducted by the WHIR revealed customers prefers to use hosting providers which have a proven track record of offering quality data centres. The SOC 2 certification goes a long way to meeting these demands. For SoftLayer this will undoubtedly translate to more customers and a greater global profile within the industry.

The director of compliance at SoftLayer Technologies, Val Stinson, released a statement concerning the exams, “SOC 2 exams are rigorous independent assessments, geared towards technology service providers, especially those running data centers.” She continued to talk about what it meant for the company, “With our successful completion of testing, we’re able to provide our customers with greater insights into our controls, procedures and systems for our entire portfolio of cloud based services. To date, approximately 100 customers have requested our SOC 2 Type II report as part of their compliance efforts.”

In total, such an audit requires at least six months of reporting. SoftLayer had to prove to the inspectors from Weaver they could meet the necessary controls for a sustained period of six months in all areas.

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