SOPA Critics Call for Boycott of Go Daddy

If some of the most outspoken critics of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) have their way, December 29, 2011 will be “Move Your Domain Away from GoDaddy” day throughout the United States, as a means of protesting that company’s support of SOPA. The effort is being organized by an unidentified GoDaddy customer who currently has 51 domains registered through them. An Internet post suggesting the boycott has thus far received nearly 4,000 positive comments.

In response, Cheeseburger Network CEO Ben Huh tweeted his plans to support the boycott by moving his 1,000 domains elsewhere. Other current customers with unknown numbers of domains have responded likewise. The campaign even has its own website registered through Toronto-based TuCows. GoDaddy competitors already seized on the campaign as well, by offering special discounts for companies willing to jump ship.

Although GoDaddy has not officially responded to the boycott their position on SOPA has been unwavering. They don’t believe it will have any negative effect on DNS use or encourage censorship, claiming through their lawyers that critics of SOPA are merely those who want to “steal music and buy…cheap, goods.” GoDaddy claims the SOPA legislation has been cleaned up to take care of many of the criticisms levelled by opponents. Furthermore, they claim it goes a long way in solving many of the existing problems related to online piracy.

As to whether or not the boycott will damage GoDaddy’s business in a significant way, it’s probably unlikely. The company has been the subject of boycotts in the past yet has always managed to counteract such actions simply due to the fact that they register so many domains. According to the most recent statistics, GoDaddy registers or renews a new domain every second of every day.

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