SSL Growing – Go Daddy at the Top

According to the latest Secure Server Survey from Netcraft, the SSL industry enjoyed its greatest 12-month growth over the last year. Not surprisingly, at the top of the list of fastest growing companies is GoDaddy, already the world leader in providing new SSL certificates.

During the month of April (2012) alone GoDaddy added more than 33,000 SSL certificates to its already bulging portfolio. GoDaddy also increased its share of DV certificates to 43% of the total, accounting for more than half of the entire industry growth for April.

GoDaddy CEO Warren Adelman said, “More and more people are using GoDaddy for SSL Certs because we offer the industry standard at a fraction of the cost…and we service each certificate with our personalized 24/7 customer support.”

The big selling point of SSL certificates is that they provide an extremely reliable level of security by utilizing server-to-browser encryption. SSL certificates protect both company information and private consumer data while providing for a completely secure transaction between the two.

For the benefit of customers, the SSL certificate broadcasts a web address utilizing “HTTPS” rather than just the standard “HTTP”. When consumers see that designation they are more at ease by knowing the site they are dealing with is secure.

GoDaddy officials say their SSL certificates work the same for both large and small companies. The company offers unlimited server licenses to all customers so they don’t end up paying on a “per-server” basis. Rather, GoDaddy certificates are charged on a “per-domain” basis. GoDaddy offers three types of SSL certificates; information about all three can be found on the company’s website.

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