Supermodel Set to Appear in Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad

Bar Refaeli, an Israeli supermodel, will appear in one of GoDaddy’s Super Bowl ads in 2013, according to the company. The model will feature alongside driver Danica Patrick in an attempt to continue their ‘racy’ advertising style. The web-hosting giant described it as the ‘perfect match.’

GoDaddy will team up with the .co domain registry to promote its new ad. The company also confirmed it would take its familiar ‘sexy girls’ approach yet again. Observers are expecting major things from this latest marketing move, as it is only the second ad since GoDaddy was sold in 2011, and the first one since new GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving took the position in December.

GoDaddy has a history of taking advantage of controversy. It first began running Super Bowl ads in 2005 when the company was a shadow of its current shelf. Its approach astonished people who understood very little about the hosting and domain industry. 2005 also saw Fox pull its ad, which made fun of the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, and this action created more of a buzz than the actual ad.

Bar Refaeli from Sport’s Illustrated will play a major role in the company’s ninth consecutive Super Bowl advertisement. There have been very few details as to what the ad will consist of, but representatives from the company have indicated it will either involve something that plays off Refaeli’s natural talents as a swimsuit model or target something exactly the opposite.

GoDaddy’s chief marketing officer, Barb Rechterman stated in a press release, “We think we’re going to make special Super Bowl magic with ‘Perfect Match.’” Rechterman continued to say: “This ad marries GoDaddy’s edgy brand with our reputation for taking care of customers in a way we think will be surprising and, more importantly, entertaining.”

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