Survey: Canadian Businesses out of the Loop Concerning the Cloud

Even though cloud computing is all the rage in the United States, a new survey from Microsoft’s Canadian division suggests that business executives north of the border are severely lacking when it comes to knowledge about the technology. This probably accounts for the slow acceptance of cloud computing among medium and large size Canadian businesses.

The survey, conducted for Microsoft Canada by Leger Marketing, revealed that nearly 20% of the respondents believed they weren’t using cloud computing services even though they were. The fact that so many executives are unaware of their cloud usage is due, in part, to the fact that the technology still does not enjoy any semblance of a uniform definition.

More alarmingly, the survey revealed that more than 65% of the executives whose companies are not using cloud computing have not ventured into the technology because they don’t know enough about it. Many expressed frustration with their lack of knowledge and the seeming inability of the industry to define itself. Right now there are far too many companies offering vest menus of services – all under the term “cloud computing.”

Microsoft Canada’s National Technology officer John Weigelt expressed as much in an official statement when he said, “This confusion comes as no surprise because ‘cloud’ can refer to a wide variety of different services. The market is rife with misinformation and myths surrounding cloud computing, and Canadian businesses are losing out as a result.”

Proponents of clout computing, including Microsoft Canada, claim that its adoption among Canadian businesses could result in dramatic cost-savings, more efficient operations, and increased productivity. It remains to be seen whether any of these companies will make the effort to bring standardization to the industry so that widespread adoption can be realized.

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