Survey: Go Daddy Dominating Secure Servers

A little more than a week after reporting that it had registered its 50 millionth domain name, web hosting monolith GoDaddy announced yesterday that its SSL business accounts for more than 45% of the total growth in secure servers. That data came from the latest edition of the Netcraft Secure Survey Report. The report keeps track of web hosting trends, especially where they relate to data security.

The numbers demonstrate that GoDaddy continues to be aggressive in its drive to be the world’s leading web host provider across all platforms. In terms of SSL certificates alone, the company added more than 10,000 since the last Netcraft survey was published. GoDaddy’s closest competitor didn’t even register half that amount.

In an official company statement GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons said, “GoDaddy is serious about protecting its customers’ data. It’s important to secure your website, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot…I don’t have to tell you, saving money is important to people these days.”

GoDaddy’s growth has been phenomenal this year, to say the least. A July announcement revealed that the company was managing more than 500,000 SSL certificates which all include round-the-clock customer support and an unlimited server license. The company is also aggressively pursuing domain name registration as was demonstrated by last week’s record-setting numbers.

On all fronts it appears as though GoDaddy is quickly becoming an unstoppable force in the industry. According to the Netcraft survey released in August, GoDaddy now ranks as the world’s second-largest provider of EV SSL.

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