Tata Communications Completes Around-the-World Network

In what may prove to be one of the most important developments of the digital age, worldwide web hosting company Tata Communications has completed the final link to its around-the-world fiber optic network. That final link was the company’s Eurasia cable which connects India to Europe. The completed network now means Tata customers have a dedicated cable route for data to be transmitted between North America, the Middle East, Europe, and India with all the scalability, latency, and redundancy users have come to expect.

“Our customers, whether a European auto-manufacturer, an Asian hotel group or a large U.S. financial services firm, need to compete in global markets and are demanding faster and more reliable worldwide connectivity,” said Tata’s Vinod Kumar. “Companies and carriers in developed and emerging economies require the confidence and security delivered by a wholly-owned network such as Tata Communications’ TGN. This a landmark moment for Tata Communications as we officially launch the world’s first wholly-owned global submarine cable network as a complete and robust ring around the world.”

With the completion of the link Tata Communications now claims its place as the world’s largest operator of a subsea cable network. The countries they reach have combined economies that equal nearly 100% of the global GDP. Equally important is the fact that their fibre optic network connects major cities with one another rather than simply linking transmission stations the way traditional cable communications often do. This makes the network faster and more robust where it’s needed most.

To maximize the network’s potential Tata is planning to partner with other web hosting companies that could benefit from its use. Initially they are targeting those that do business in the Gulf region of the Middle East where demand for data and video transmission is escalating rapidly.

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