TELUS Enters Canadian Cloud Market

At this point in time the cloud market in Canada is relatively small, leaving a wide open door for innovative companies to get in on the ground floor of what promises to be a large part of the web hosting landscape in the near future. To that end, Canadian telecommunications company TELUS recently entered the fray by announcing the launch of a brand-new cloud service. This service, known as TELUS AgilIT Virtual Private Cloud, gives business customers the opportunity to establish and maintain their own cloud environment to keep them in line with Canadian data protection laws.

The two biggest advantages offered by the new cloud are its scalability and infrastructure support. Regarding the former, the TELUS AgilIT Virtual Private Cloud allows customers to migrate their current systems easily while offering full scalability and flexibility. As for the latter, TELUS will take care of all infrastructure maintenance so that customers can concentrate on developing their clouds for a variety of business purposes. By all accounts the new service offers the versatility of a public cloud with the security of a private one.

“TELUS has taken a quality-based approach to cloud computing by providing customers with secured, guaranteed capacity of computing power while maintaining the flexibility to create, change or suspend their computing jobs as required through a centralized view of their cloud infrastructure,” said TELUS VP Tony Krueck. “This allows businesses to respond with greater agility to market demands, develop new applications faster, and contain IT costs by subscribing to computing capacity only as needed.”

TELUS recently completed construction on a brand-new $65 million data centre to host, among other things, the cloud service. The Rimouski, Quebec facility is the first one built by TELUS to meet LEED Gold Standards.

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