TMC Has New Owner in Fujitsu Canada

Saskatchewan’s TMC, an IT consulting firm and web hosting company, now has a new owner in Fujitsu Canada. Officials from Fujitsu Canada announced the acquisition on February 2, 2012 but released no further details about the deal. Market speculation suggests that the deal significantly strengthens Fujitsu Canada’s position in the Canadian IT market because TMC carries with it 20 years of solid experience in the industry. It is part of Fujitsu’s overall strategy of strengthening its Canadian presence through market consolidation.

“The acquisition of TMC enhances Fujitsu Canada’s offerings and consolidates its presence in Saskatchewan, a province that has experienced major economic growth,” said Fujitsu Canada president Andre Pouliot. He went on to say that by “combining forces, both organizations will offer a broader line of services” to meet the needs of both company’s customers. Late last year, Fujitsu cozied up to Microsoft by entering into a deal to provide hybrid cloud hosting via the Microsoft Windows Azure platform.

As for TMC, they have been in the IT business for two decades providing everything from Web hosting to project management to application development. Their wide reach and broad scope has earned them a reputation of being a solid industry leader at the enterprise level. Experts don’t feel there’s a reason to be concerned that any TMC services will be adversely affected by the acquisition. If anything, Fujitsu Canada’s integration of its own service line into what TMC already offers should improve the overall customer experience.

The current TMC staff, which numbers approximately 70 workers, will become full Fujitsu Canada employees. Their management team will be folded into Fujitsu Canada’s management as well.

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