UK2 Appoints New Chief Marketing and Operating Officers

UK2 has appointed a new chief operating officer in John Morris and a new chief marketing officer in Steve Holford. The move comes after the company made it clear it wanted to push for more growth within the hosting industry.

The organisation has pushed to appeal to a wider community on a global scale in recent years. One move it made was to launch HostPuro, a web hosting service specifically for the Spanish-speaking community.

John Morris will direct the group’s strategic operations from his new post. He will also become responsible for developing global company operations, and streamlining them. He will also develop new strategies for enhancing customer experience and bringing in more consumers.

Mr. Morris has extensive experience in the industry as vice president of RackSpace. The new chief operating officer also has significant customer service knowledge from his time as operations director for Thomas Cook’s He has also served in the chief operating officer position before with Viagogo.

Morris said, “I’m very excited to join UK2 Group and contribute to its industry-leading growth.” He continued to speak of its previous successes and its appeal: “UK2 Group has a long track record of innovation and originality that has placed them as one of the most significant players in the web hosting business. Their inventive products and services have positioned them to accelerate at an ever greater rate.”

Steve Holford, in his new position, will lead the company’s marketing strategy to drive customers to its current and future product developments. He will also take responsibility for commercial performance, driving communications, and resilient branding.

Mr. Holford has over 20 years of experience within the online world. Recently, he served as Fasthosts’ chief marketing officer. In the past, Holford held the position of Virgin Media’s broadband product manager.

These two new appointments indicate to observers the changing direction of the company. Interested parties expect to see some major changes in the coming months as each figure puts a fresh spin on their respective departments.

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