UK2 Releases Web Analytics and Free SEO Tools for Customers

UK2 announced that customers can now take advantage of its advanced web analytics tools. Free SEO devices are also available to customers at no charge, as long as they are on one of their professional cloud hosting programs.

The idea behind it is that customers deserve to have a better experience. Higher levels of customer satisfaction are expected to be gained through this move that allows patrons to improve where their sites rank in the search engines, as well as enhancing their own business intelligence. It’s all about streamlining how people are doing business on the Internet.

UK2 released a statement that the value of these services will equate to about $79 dollars a year. By making it a free service the company is essentially giving each individual an extra $79. Observers have noted that this gives UK2 a significant advantage over other web hosting companies.

Stats-2 is the web analytic service created by UK2 and it provides a number of useful capabilities for people. The major advantage is that it tracks the traffic that a website is gaining. It delves deep into the stats and reveals the bounce rates for a site, the amount of time spent on the website, as well as a number of other important pieces of information that can provide business owners a chance to target their marketing campaigns towards specific groups.

The SEO tool provides a massive 77 different SEO features that professionals can take advantage of. It provides technical suggestions and other material that could lead to a better organic search engine rank. Furthermore, it takes into account search engines other than Google.

The managing director of UK2, Martin Baker, commented that: “By including these tools for free in our business hosting packages, we hope that UK2 customers will find themselves better equipped to understand their customers and develop their websites accordingly.”

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