Using Bulk Actions in Shopify


A common philosophy among CMS designers is enabling users to do as many routine tasks as easily as possible. The point of implementing bulk actions flows from this. Shopify users have access to an extensive list of bulk actions throughout various parts of the Shopify admin.

What are bulk actions? They are actions you might take on a single page of your admin that affect multiple items. For example, one of the more common bulk actions is ‘delete’. Let us say you have a range of products from a particular manufacturer you have decided to no longer carry. Once all the orders pertaining to those items have been fulfilled, there is no longer need to take up space in your digital inventory by holding onto them. A bulk action makes it possible to delete all of them in one fell swoop rather than having to go through and remove each one individually.

There are far too many bulk actions available in Shopify to list them all here. So instead, here is a list of administrative categories in which bulk actions are available:

  • Customers
  • Discounts
  • Orders (incl. drafts and abandoned checkouts)
  • Online Store (incl. blog posts, pages, navigation, and URL redirection)
  • Products (incl. gift cards, inventory, and collections)
  • Settings/Files.

How Bulk Actions Work

The best thing about bulk actions in Shopify is that they are incredibly easy to use. Let’s talk about deleting products again. Assuming you had a range of products that you wanted to remove from your online inventory, you would navigate to the ‘Products’ section of the Shopify admin. This would reveal a list of all your products along with a menu button at the top labelled ‘Bulk Actions’.

You should notice a small check box next to each of your products. You would simply scroll through the list, checking the products you want to delete as you go. Then go back up to the ‘Bulk Actions’ button and click on it. It is actually a drop-down menu rather than a button, so clicking on it reveals a list of options pertaining to the items you have selected. You should see the following three options at the top of a list of seven in total:

  • Publish selected products
  • Hide selected products
  • Delete selected products.

Scrolling down to the third option and clicking the mouse button brings up a dialogue box asking you to confirm your decision to delete. Click either ‘Delete’ to follow through or ‘Cancel’ to forget the whole thing.

Regardless of the administrative category you are working in there are plenty of bulk actions to make doing your routine tasks as easy as possible. Most of the bulk actions are pretty easy to understand at first glance. If you see a bulk action you are not familiar with, though, do not engage it until you have done a little bit of research. The one downside to bulk actions is that they cannot be undone very easily.

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