Using Shopify as a Retail POS Tool


There is no doubt that Shopify was created as an online retail platform for selling products and services. But thanks to a tremendous amount of development and commitment from the creators of the platform, it can also be used as a retail point-of-sale (POS) tool for smaller retailers without large-scale brick-and-mortar locations.

Perhaps you are a retailer who likes to frequent local festivals and shows where you can sell your wares. Or maybe you have been thinking about doing a pop-up in your town this summer. Using Shopify as a POS tool makes it possible for you to conduct business seamlessly using a tablet or smartphone to keep everything in order. All you need is the Shopify POS app.

Basic Plan Options

Every Shopify user with a Basic Shopify account has free access to the POS app for iOS and Android. Just download and install the app, then complete your account information using your mobile device. The app will instantly sync with your online account. In minutes, you can conduct your business using a mobile device just as if you were sitting behind your computer in the office.

With this basic service, you can help your customers purchase products directly from your website using a tablet or smartphone. You may even choose to carry a limited volume of inventory with you to facilitate immediate delivery. Should your inventory run out, your customers can still place their orders through the app and accept delivery to their homes. Meanwhile, your online store remains fully updated.

Be aware that basic use of the POS app is limited in terms of some administrative functions. Furthermore, the app includes some features in iOS not available in Android. It would be a good idea to look at the documentation to see just how much functionality the app offers based on your plan and mobile device of choice.

Advanced Plan Options

With an Advanced Shopify account, retailers have an opportunity to purchase additional hardware products that make using Shopify as a POS tool even more valuable. For example, retailers can use a credit card reader that plugs into a smartphone or tablet. This is a great tool for facilitating transactions without having to enter credit card information manually.

Additional equipment choices include barcode readers and receipt printers that can turn your remote location into an in-person store. Other advanced features allow for opening and closing register shifts, creating staff-only accounts to protect your store from wayward customers, and so on.

The strength of Shopify as a retail platform is its flexibility. Using it as a POS tool is just one of the many ways its power can be harnessed to drive your business. As a Shopify user, we encourage you to spend time reading through the platform documentation in order to understand the full potential of what you have at your fingertips. The more you know about Shopify, the more profitable it will be for your online business.

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