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If you want to add a slideshow to your Joomla site, there several different modules you can use.  One popular option is Slideshow CK.  This module supports both videos and images, is easy to use, and has a number of different options. It is also free, which is a great selling point for those who are on a budget.  Here is a simple Joomla tutorial for adding Slideshow CK to your site.

Download and Install the Module

Slideshow CK can be found on a number of websites, including the official site.  A simple search on Google will direct you to a number of resource sites that have the extension.

  • Login to your site on an account that has administrator privileges.
  • Click on Extensions, and then select Extensions Manager.
  • Click on “Upload a Package File” and then find the directory where you saved the Slideshow CK zip file.
  • Click “Upload and Install.”

Create a Slideshow CK Module

Now click on Extensions, then Module Manager.  Select “New.”

You should see a list of extensions you have installed.  Find Slideshow CK on the list and click on it.

Edit the Basic Slideshow Information 

Now that you have created the actual module for your slideshow, it is time to add images and videos to it.  Go to the module and select edit.  You will see the main Slideshow CK screen.  Here you can enter various information about your slideshow, including the following:

  • Title of the slideshow
  • Whether the title is shown on the page or hidden
  • The position of the slideshow
  • Its status (published or draft)
  • Who can access it
  • The order of the slides
  • Notes about the slide show

Add Slides

Click on Slides Manager to begin creating your slideshow.

To add a single image, click on “Add a Slide.”  A new window will appear.  Here, you’ll select the image you want to use and add some information about the slide.  You can add a slide title, enter a description of the slide, link the slide to another website or page on your site (links are not required, however), and decide if, when clicked, if the link opens in the same window or a new window.  There are also video and article options available here.

Change the Styles

Slideshow CK also has a number of style options for you to select from.  You can change the skin of the slideshow player, change the alignment on your page (left, center, right), and even change the side if you want.  You can also decide if the user can see the navigation bar at the bottom, if thumbnails are shown of upcoming slides, the size of the thumbnails, and more.


Finally, there are effects you can add to each slide.  You can decide what animation effects precede the image (for example, if the previous slide rises up like a curtain), how long the slide is displayed or if the slideshow waits for the user to click to the next slide, and the display order of the slides.

There are also some advanced options available, but in most cases, users will not want to change any of these settings.

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