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Social media sites have become vitally important to anyone trying to get traffic to their WordPress site.  However, they are also a lot of work, and getting people to your WordPress site is not as simple as posting a link on Facebook or Twitter.  Fortunately, there are a few plugins that can help make managing your social media and your WordPress site easier.

If you have social media accounts already set up, now’s the time to integrate them into your WordPress blog using one of these plugins.  There are many other plugins out there for Facebook and Twitter, but these are some of the more highly reviewed ones.

One of the most basic plugins is the Facebook Like Button.  This plugin does not look like it does that much – it simply adds a button to each of your posts.  If users click on it, it connects to their Facebook page and shows that they liked the post.  Their friends will see the like and may click on the post to read it, which helps extend your reach without really doing anything at all.

The Google +1 Plugin functions much the same way – it lets readers quickly give your post a +1 on Google Plus.  Nevertheless, it does a little more than that.  It also displays how many times the post has been liked when it appears in a Google search, which can be useful information.

Not to be outdone, Twitter users can use the Tweet Button Anywhere to instantly tweet about a post they love.  By adding all three of these plugins to each of your WordPress posts, you can help increase the chances that the post will be shared or liked on at least one of the three top social media platforms.  Doing so puts you in front of a number of potential new customers, all without you doing any work.

The Social Media Widget is another great tool.  It provides links to your different social media profiles in the Widget list.  This list can appear anywhere you want on the side menu.  It is a great way of quickly organizing your social media links.  This widget can include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media.

The WP to Twitter plugin will automate your posting.  Whenever you create a blog post, this plugin will automatically tweet it to all of your followers.  It is a great way of taking care of that little task without putting in any time or effort.  There are also similar plugins for Facebook and other social media sites.  Most allow you to tweak how the link is tweeted or posted.

Social Shares is a plugin that is more for analysis – viewers may not even know that you are using Social Shares.  It records and displays the number of different times each post on your WordPress site has been shared on Facebook or on Twitter.  It can be a useful tool for determining if your social media campaign is working as expected or if you are getting a good number of shares on these two platforms.

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