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One of the newest ways of getting your thoughts and ideas out there is the podcast. Ten years ago, the term did not even exist, but today, podcasts are everywhere. Some are recorded and then uploaded for distribution, while others are done live. Some even include streaming video. Did you know you could use your WordPress blog to distribute your podcast? It can be done in a couple of ways, and both are simple to do. This WordPress tutorial will walk you through the steps of using your blog for podcasting.

Creating your Podcast

The first step is, of course, to create a podcast. This tutorial focuses on podcasts that are recorded and then uploaded for sharing (the traditional podcasting method). You can create your podcast using a number of different audio recording programs. How you do that is up to you, but you will want to save the audio in a format that most people can access. Usually that means MP3 or MP4.

Upload your File

Next, upload your file to your WordPress server. This is usually done using an FTP program, but you may upload your files in some other way. You do not have to do anything special to the file, just be sure you know what folder you have uploaded it to and how to get to the file.

Adding the File to a Page

WordPress will automatically create the proper controls for your podcast when you link to it. This was added in WordPress version 1.5, and it has made podcasting much easier. However, you do have to make certain that you include the entire URL in your link, not just the file name. This means the link will need to start with http:// and then provide the address of the file, including your blog URL and the folder that the audio file is in. Otherwise, WordPress will not be able to create the controls for an audio file.

If you later change the audio file and upload a new copy, be sure to go to the post and republish it. By doing this, WordPress will automatically look at the file information again and adjust the size and other information.

Creating a Dedicated Podcast Feed

If you plan to do podcasts on a regular basis, you may want to create a dedicated podcast feed. To do this, you will want to create a category for all of your podcast posts. Most people who do this name the category “Podcasts,” although you may want to use the actual name of your podcast if you have given it a name. Make sure every post that links to one of your podcast files is included in this category.

Your podcast feed will be at of your podcast category). Just point people there and they will be able to see all of your podcasts.

Using a RSS Feed

Want to add a subscription or syndication option to your podcasts? Just add this RSS feed link to the WordPress site and to account you use for distributing your podcasts, such as your iTunes account:

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