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Most of the time, our ‘how-to’ posts explain something about the nuts and bolts of WordPress. For this post, however, we have decided to do something different. Rather than talk about nuts and bolts issues, we want to help you understand how you can use your WordPress blog to boost your business.

Blogging has been around since the 1990s. In its earliest days, blogging was mostly a personal endeavour engaged in as an outlet for sharing views and opinions. But with SEO becoming so important in the modern business world, blogging has taken on an entirely new purpose: drawing customers and keeping them engaged. WordPress is an excellent tool for that.

What Blogging Can Do for You

Blogging for business purposes can do a lot for the bottom line. First and foremost, regular blogging improves search engine performance by giving Google and its competitors plenty of fresh content to rank. Make no mistake; search engines favour websites that are regularly updated.

Second, regular blogging establishes your website as an authority in your particular business arena. As long as your posts are relevant and well written, customers will welcome the opportunity to read new posts as they seek out valuable information and advice.

Third, business blogging enables you to make a connection with your customers that you might not otherwise experience. For example, there are plenty of companies that specifically use their blog sections to address questions and concerns they frequently hear from customers. Your business blog is also a great place to comment on industry related news and other things you know are important to your customers.

Making the Most of WordPress

As previously stated, WordPress is an excellent tool for business blogging. It offers users an easy way to publish regular blog posts without having to know any complicated code. The WYSIWYG interface and vast array of plugins offered by the platform make it possible for anyone who can use a word processor to use WordPress.

Here are some tips for making the most of WordPress for business blogging:

  • Establish a Blog Page ā€“ Your WordPress site should have an established blog page that acts as the starting place for readers. It can be the same as your main or home page, but we generally recommend it be a separate page altogether. You can set it in the ‘Customize’ section of your theme.
  • Categorize Your Posts ā€“ It is important to create categories for your blog posts. Categorizing helps both your readers and the search engines better understand what individual posts are about without having to look through each and every one.
  • Allow Comments ā€“ Allowing comments on your blog posts encourages discussion from readers and drives traffic to your site. As a side note, we published a previous ‘how-to’ explaining how you can control spam comments.

The more often you blog with relevant content, the more relevant your site will be to your customers. Suffice it to say that business blogging can boost your business by more actively engaging your customers.

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