VEXXHOST Announces Performance and Security Upgrades

Canadian Web hosting company Vexxhost took the occasion to announce new security and performance upgrades via a blog post dated June 1, 2012. The upgrades are now available to all current customers with no extra charge to them. The three main areas of improvement include dynamic page performance, MySQL performance, and outbound spam filtering.

In the dynamic pages department Vexxhost has upgraded to PHP 5.3 and added a couple of security features that both improve performance and make configuring pages much easier. According to the blog customers should notice a significant increase in several areas including sites that load faster than they used to.

In terms of MySQL performance all Vexxhost servers have been upgraded to version 5.5. However, they have modified MySQL 5.5 to optimize its performance according to the needs of their hosting servers. Again customers should see immediate performance increases especially in the area of database queries and performance overhead. Queries should be faster and slowdowns should be minimized.

Finally, perhaps the most important improvement deals with the outbound Spam filtering. Outgoing e-mail is a problem for most web hosts because spammers can use creative scripts that interfere with legitimate e-mail by jamming the queue with thousands of messages going to different e-mail accounts.

“We have implemented a new proprietary technology that automatically detects outgoing spam, and in the event that it detects any of it, it automatically takes action by rejecting the email and never allowing it to leave our network,” the blog post states. “This ensures that no outgoing spam leaves our servers and will improve email delivery significantly, due to the fact that there will be no outbursts of spam emails until our engineers are able to track it down.”

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