Vexxhost Completes Upgrade with Sale

Montréal-based web hosting company Vexxhost has just completed a major systems upgrade to help the company to offer its customers better technology solutions in web hosting. To celebrate the completion they announced late last week a sale on their cloud hosting servers. The sale will include reduced prices overall as well as one month free cloud hosting service on all new systems. All Vexxhost account managers have been briefed regarding the sale and are ready to help both new and existing customers. The sale runs through the end of April (2012).

In the official press release Vexxhost indicated their system upgrade included new cloud servers from Dell’s 6100 line. The new servers offer increased performance and more speed between connections due to faster processing power. Vexxhost also says the new servers are smarter with features that are not found anyplace else within the current web hosting community. Company officials did not elaborate as to what those features are. However, they did mention some of the other upgrades included in the program.

One of the extra features Vexxhost hopes customers will notice is the new control panel completely redesigned with an emphasis on a user-friendly experience. The control panel is now more powerful and has added features like backup, restoring from previously saved backups, and one click backup management. Designers of the new control panel want to ensure users can effortlessly and seamlessly manage all of their cloud servers with ease.

Vexxhost is a private Canadian-owned company with data centres serving customers in Canada, the US, and Europe. New and existing customers who wish to take advantage of the company’s recently completed upgrade should visit their website for more information.

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