Vexxhost Launches cPanel Cloud Sites

Vexxhost announced it had launched its cPanel-powered service, Cloud Sites. It is a new service delivering cloud hosting, which is both efficient and easy to scale according to current client needs.

This latest move comes after it began to offer cloud services for special white-label environments. This initial major move for 2013 uses the cPanel platform to power its new services from virtual containers isolated from the rest of the network. It increases security and makes sure the service is reliable and strong.

The service provides RAM, disk space, and CPU hardware for each individual server. The organisation reports this will increase the performance of websites and applications for customers.

Vexxhost’s CEO, Mohammed Naser said, “Cloud Sites combines the power and reliability of cloud hosting with the convenience of a managed service.” He continued to outline what customers would gain from the new service, “Customers can sign up for an affordable Cloud Sites plan to maximize website performance, choosing a service with the cloud cycles required. Our optimized platform then has an immediate, measurable impact on page loading and application processing times. Meanwhile, our expert team takes care of server configuration and management, allowing customers to focus on their businesses, instead of working with their hosting plan. This is the first time technology like this has been available as part of a web hosting plan.”

The unique selling point of Cloud Sites is the isolated servers’ abilities to heal themselves if there’s a problem. This fail switch automatically preserves customer data and ensures it remains online regardless of any current issues with software and hardware.

Clients can expect optimal performance with 20 times the power of a standard web hosting account. It handles more connections, has an increased file storage limit, and possesses an offloading system for static content.

When people decide to use this service, they receive free expert migration to get their data online as soon as possible.

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