VEXXHOST Offering Free Seven-Day Trial

Canada’s VEXXHOST announced last week a brand-new reseller program to help encourage web hosting companies to carry its white label cloud servers and resell them as a service. They are following up that announcement with a new one this week aimed at encouraging more people to give their cloud servers a try. This latest announcement details a program offering a free 7-day trial of its cloud servers to all new customers as well as existing customers that have not yet migrated to the cloud.

The point of the promotion is to encourage cloud adoption by showing customers how simple it is to migrate. VEXXHOST is quick to point out that even dedicated hosting customers will benefit from moving their servers. The most important of those benefits being that of scalability.

Currently dedicated hosting customers can only upgrade their servers so far. If they migrate to the cloud environment those upgrading limitations disappear for the most part. Furthermore, you mitigate many of the scalability issues currently experienced with dedicated servers; issues like insufficient RAM or an incompatible CPU. According to the VEXXHOST blog, which was the source of the announcement for the seven-day trial, the company’s cloud service can allow scalability of RAM up to 95GB. That’s something that’s just not possible with VPS or dedicated hosting platforms.

Other features of the VEXXHOST Cloud include a fully dedicated and isolated environment, e-mail and server monitoring, clustered DNS system, and three different plan options depending on your usage. The Professional plan is available at $69.95 per month, the Business plan is $104.95 per month, and the Premium plan is unlimited at $142.95 per month.

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