Vexxhost Teams up with CloudFlare

Québec-based Vexxhost, a provider of Web hosting and cloud services, has joined with CloudFlare and a group of other web hosting companies to launch CloudFlare’s brand-new Railgun platform. Railgun is a secure cloud hosting platform boasting efficiency, reliability, and optimization that takes advantage of the latest generation of Internet technologies. Vexxhost stood side-by-side with officials from BlueHost, DreamHost, HostPapa, and others as the announcement was made at this year’s HostingCon 2012.

CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince addressed attendees regarding the platform on July 16. He stressed Railgun’s major advantages which provide fast cloud service the world over. Prince indicated that data centre location will not be an issue with this new platform.

“Hosting has traditionally been a somewhat regional business; CloudFlare’s Railgun allows a host to offer fast service around the world, regardless of where their data centre is located,” he told the assembled guests. “Hosts can literally challenge the speed of light to offer their customers the fastest possible web performance.”

If Railgun lives up to expectations it could provide cloud users with load times twice as fast as they are now. That’s important in a world where page load time can mean the difference between customer conversion and lost sales. Slow load times are one of the things currently prohibiting the cloud from going full throttle.

In addition, Railgun enhances that speed with greater security that protects cloud environments from external attacks. It just so happens that security is the second big enemy of cloud hosting.

“CloudFlare is constantly pushing the envelope on innovation, and Railgun is no exception,” remarked the Vexxhost CEO Mohammed Naser. “We are thrilled to be joining their Optimized Hosting Provider program.”

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