Virtual Internet Launches Brand New Colocation Services

Web host Virtual Internet unveiled its new colocation services at its data centre in Central London.

It is a move that comes after the company achieved VMware vCloud Powered status for its public cloud. This is no doubt designed to build off this success.

The data centre in London has a superior 1.06 PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), compared to the usual 2.0 PUE found in most data centres. Customers looking to take advantage of colocation services can cut their carbon footprint and cooling costs by roughly 90 per cent. At the same time, Virtual Internet guarantees well-maintained servers and strong safeguards.

The cooling systems in place at the central London data centre work to reduce energy usage to bring the centre in line with the organisation’s tough environmental policies.

The new colocation service provides customers with reduced costs on power, 24/7 access, strong security, and safety from fire and other natural disasters. The company also spoke about its redundant power systems that it installed to guarantee extra server resilience.

The managing director at Virtual Internet, Patrick McCarthy talked of the company’s new product, “Our new high-spec colocation solution in central London is very exciting, as we continue to expand our data center footprint and the demand for high-quality, energy efficient colocation solutions are greater than ever.”

He continued to talk of its commitment to value and energy efficiency, “Not only is it amazingly convenient for clients in London, and it’s now the most energy efficient data center in the UK with an incredibly low PUE of 1.06. Not to mention our great value introductory offer, starting at $376.81 a month for a quarter rack. We expect an exceptionally strong take-up of this solution.”

Observers expect the company to do extremely well in the upcoming financial quarters, as a result.

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