Web Hosting Provider Webair Releases ProtoCloud

Web and cloud hosting provider Webair has announced the launch of its latest cloud offering, ProtoCloud. This new system is designed to enhance availability and scalability.

The launch of ProtoCloud adds to Webair’s recent catalogue of new products. For example, it recent unveiled a new geo-redundant email hosting solution that stores copies of every email in geographically unique data centres. This prevents customers from losing data should a system failure occur at one data centre.

The developers of ProtoCloud have concentrated on removing any single point of failure. Some of the tools they have used include SAN, computing nodes, network infrastructure, and FusionIO storage.

It has fully integrated with the rest of its services like Carrier Neutral Cloud, CDN services, Cloud Storage, and dedicated servers. Users can connect with ProtoCloud via their virtual and dedicated servers. Webair has also placed security at the forefront of its priorities by offering secure internal networks.

To make integration easier, ProtoCloud works with a RESTful API. This removes the difficulties of integration, so customers have to put a minimal amount of effort into managing their applications.

The executive sales manager of Webair, Gerard Hinter said, “We’ve added ProtoCloud to our portfolio of cloud services to provide our clients with true highly available IaaS out of the box without the complexity or the guess work it takes to build it themselves.” He continued to say, “The ability for clients to integrate ProtoCloud with various other Cloud hosting and traditional hosting services means highly customized and hybrid environments can be built to match even the most demanding needs.”

The ProtoCloud system will appear to the general public in the NY1 data centre, before expanding to its other centres in Montreal, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles on a rolling scale over the following few weeks.

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