Webnames.ca Celebrates 25 Years of dot-CA

Though it may not seem like it’s been that long, 25 years ago today (May 14, 2012) the dot-CA domain name was born, giving Canadian hosted websites their own unique identity. On May 14th, 1987 management of the domain name was awarded to Internet entrepreneur John Demco who managed it for the next 13 years along with a group of colleagues and volunteers at the University of British Columbia. Demco went on to found Canadian Web registrar Webnames.ca.

“Dot-CA shows website visitors that they are shopping locally, will pay in Canadian funds and receive product shipped from within the country,” said Webnames.ca co-founder, Cybele Negris. “May 14th is a special day and we should all celebrate the success of the Canadian Internet.”

Webnames.ca. will be doing its part to celebrate dot-CA’s 25th anniversary by offering a week-long promotion for all new registrations using the domain. Customers can register their new domains for just $9 through midnight (PT) on Friday, May 18. Customers should be aware that Webnames.ca does not manage the domain, they are simply domain registrars. Management was taken over by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) in 2000.

During Demco’s 13 years as the domain manager he racked up more than 100,000 dot-CA registrations. Since the CIRA took over management they have enlisted some 90 registrars to continue offering the domain to Canadian website owners. With Canadian-centric hosting really taking off in the last couple of years use of the domain has increased exponentially. That growth is expected to continue as websites come in compliance with Canadian regulations requiring they host all Canadian data inside the country.

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