Webnames.ca Reduces Domain Registration Pricing

One of the leading allies in Canada-centric Web hosting just announced a reduction in prices across the board for its domain registration program. Webnames.ca has launched their new Retail Pricing Program with domain registration of new names for as little as $12.50 annually. The new pricing applies to new customers, as well as existing customers who need to register new domains or purchase additional hosting or SSL services. In addition, the annual price of registration will decrease as more names and services are added.

Webnames.ca President, Cybele Negris said in an official statement, “Webnames.ca got its start as a domain registrar over 10 years ago, and has since grown into a full service internet solutions company offering services such as Hosting, SSL, Web Design, Video and more…We wanted to give our customers an opportunity to take advantage of our great domains and services, while enjoying even lower domain prices. Our new Retail Pricing Program does exactly that.”

The pricing program is divided into two service groups known as SoHo and Business. Which group a customer belongs to depends on the number of domains, hosting services, and SSL certificates. As a customer moves through the groups and ads or reduces its services, the annual domain name registration price will also change. Webnames.ca says plan options are very easy to understand, allowing customers to effectively budget according to their business needs.

Webnames.ca is a Vancouver-based Internet solutions provider offering a wide range of services. In addition to being one of Canada’s top registrars the company also offers website design and development, reseller services, managed services, and web hosting.

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