Windstream Business Launches Endpoint Security Protection

Windstream Business announced it was launching McAfee’s Endpoint Security Protection in order to offer a piece of software that can completely block viruses, spyware, and hacker attacks.

This latest news is an attempt by the company to boost security in all areas. Recently, they announced the building of an enterprise-class data centre in North Carolina, which also comes on the back of a new data centre in Virginia.

Endpoint Security Protection works by filtering and isolating threats found in emails carried by the cloud. It jumps into action before these threats can reach the client’s network. It has also decided to use Endpoint Security Protection because of the reputability of McAfee. Additionally, it allows them to use it as an add-on so clients have more control over what they use.

Windstream is intending on incorporating Endpoint Security Protection into all of its small business packages. Businesses who take up these packages will receive 24/7 protection for any PCs and laptops under their ownership.

The senior vice president of business marketing for the company, Don Perkins said of the product’s necessity, “Businesses today face security threats that continuously increase in frequency and sophistication, so it is essential to implement thorough desktop security solutions.” He continued to speak of the product in a statement, “Endpoint Security Protection provides our small and medium-sized business customers with all-around protection, reducing the need for additional security management software, hardware, support and even dedicated IT staff.”

Using the cloud-based management portal, customers can launch Endpoint faster than ever before. It is also much more cost-effective for Windstream, and these savings have been passed on to customers.

Clients who decide to invest in this add-on can set their own level of protection, as well as creating their own web and email blacklists. Endpoint regularly updates itself to make sure that it is completely up-to-date with the latest threats.

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