Windstream Hosted Solutions Opens Mid-Atlantic Data Centre

Windstream Hosted Solutions, a web hosting provider based in the US, announced it was opening a new data centre based in Virginia as part of its expansion project.

The new centre, based in Mclean, consists of 65,000 square feet of floor space, along with 45,000 square feet of raised floor space. It’s hoped the new centre will sufficiently meet the demand for the dedicated managed services and cloud computing facilities.

Observers expect the opening of McLean to demonstrates a policy of continuance with a long line of new facilities as it joins another 19 data centres situated across the US. The last data centre opened came in April 2012 with the Little Rock, Arkansas facility.

The Mclean data centre has a parallel multi-module UPS and 2N power distribution to give companies the option to access their servers and data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This centre is vital to Windstream Hosted Solutions since its managed services, collocation, and disaster recovery solutions have boomed in the past couple of years.

Along with a utility capacity of 2000kVa, the total kVA can scale to 9000, if needed. It’s also equipped with automatic failover systems across all electrical equipment and a 2N A and B-side power design to effectively distribute power across the entire system.

A 24-hour support team maintains the facility through the Onsite Network Operations Centre. This consists of the centre’s technical, monitoring, and security functions. To maintain facility’s tight security Windstream Hosted Solutions have implemented a biometric identity access system, electronic verification, and constant video surveillance.

Kip Turco, the senior vice president of data centre operations for Windstream Hosted Solutions commented: “More than ever, organizations require the assurance that their data and infrastructure is secure, regardless of whether they are in the private or public sector.”

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