Windstream Hosted Solutions Plans Tennessee Expansion

It was learned from data centre provider Compass Datacenters that hosting provider Windstream Hosted Solutions recently signed a lease for a new data centre near the iconic city of Nashville, Tennessee.

The company signed a long-term lease agreement which gives the go-ahead for a 22,000 square foot data centre in Franklin, near Nashville. It’s currently scheduled to open sometime in 2013 and will form the backbone of a campus of data centres, which Compass Datacenters expects to build.

Windstream’s new centre will utilise Truly Modular Architecture, as developed by Compass. This architectural style enables the company to expand quickly; up to five times its normal capacity. It also allows Windstream to target its own data centres when they need to, as opposed to being restricted to wherever their current provider happens to have a facility present.

The new centre will feature connections to numerous core POP sites through OC-192 10Gbps circuits and a total utility capacity of 2500kVA.

The senior vice president for data centre operations for Windstream, Kip Turco commented on what working with compass offered them: “Compass was flexible, ensuring that our contract gave us the right level of operational control over the facility. Windstream’s rapid growth throughout North America, especially in the delivery of cloud-based solutions like our Infrastructure as a Service, makes it imperative for us to expand strategically.” He also said in his statement: “One of the most unique benefits is that our contract leaves the door open for us to expand the data centre without having to pay for empty space.”

The founder and CEO of Compass commented on the values of Windstream Hosted Solutions: “Windstream is a great company with a keen focus on their customers. They are also a great illustration of how companies can benefit from our unique value proposition.”

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