WiredTree Upgrades VPS and Hybrid Servers

Web hosting provider WiredTree announced that it had made a major upgrade to its hybrid server and VPS hosting packages. As well as fine-tuning some of its existing features, it included a selection of new features, such as SSD caching.

WiredTree publicised the fact that its customers would now see loading times on its pages decrease by an average of 43 per cent, due to SSD caching. The company justified its claims by saying the tests were carried out on live servers with real clients and their websites.

Each client will receive 120 GB of SSD caching upon signing up for one of the relevant hosting packages. The SSDs run using the Intel 520-series, which enhances IO rates.

The president of WiredTree, Zac Cogswell, released a statement, “Every year, we upgrade our VPS hosting and hybrid server clients to the latest technology. Our annual Level Up guarantees our customers can take advantage of the most recent developments in the web hosting industry as they become available.”

WiredTree also released the results of its tests. These highlighted how the Parallels Virtuozzo backups slowed the system down. Their lack of IO efficiency caused increased loading times.

The company described its determination to do something different this year. For a start, whilst they normally upgrade both RAM and disc space each year, now they wanted to add something entirely new; an increase in overall performance.

Customers now gain the benefit of R1Soft V5 for VPS hosting backups. This increases server performance and provides a continuous backup for client data. If the system fails customers will not lose their data upon restarting.

The web host has already begun upgrades for its VPS hosting services, and it expects its hybrid server upgrades to end sometime in mid-April.

WiredTree guarantees its customers an annual upgrade. Observers say this draws people in as they can expect continuous improvements to help them stay on top of the latest technology.

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