Yes – You Can Stream Video in WordPress


There are a lot of misconceptions about the WordPress content management system due to its basic structure as a blogging system. When WordPress was first introduced, users were relatively limited in what they could do. But the development of the code and the addition of a seemingly endless supply of plug-ins has changed the platform dramatically. So much so that you can even stream video from a WordPress site these days.

Who would want to stream video? For starters, how about video bloggers who prefer to speak to their audience rather than writing to them? Video blogging is very popular right now. Beyond video bloggers, there are also broadcasters who might want to stream live video from a webcam. Then there are hobbyist film and video makers and gamers who want to reach their target audiences with streaming video.

If this is something that interests you, you’ll be happy to know that there are two ways to stream video from WordPress. The first involves setting it up on your server while the second requires signing up for a video streaming service.

Setting up on Your Server

Setting up video streaming on your server may be the way to go if you do not have a tremendous need for bandwidth. A video blogger who produces four or five videos per week lasting no more than a few minutes each could probably get away with this solution. A broadcaster looking to stream several hours per day will probably find it cheaper to go with the second solution.

In order to set up video streaming on your server:

  1. Check with your hosting company to make sure they support live streaming and broadcasting. Most do.
  2. Download and install a live video streaming plug-in like VideoWhisper or Stream Video Player.
  3. Create some test videos or run a live streaming session to make sure your service works.

Once you are sure everything is working properly, you can make your video stream live and begin marketing it to your regular visitors. Be sure to pay attention to store the data on your server, though, as video takes up a tremendous amount of space.

Signing up with a Streaming Service

WordPress site owners with heavy bandwidth demands should seriously consider signing up with a live streaming service. Why? Because it tends to be a lot cheaper. You can get good quality streaming service for under $100 per month as opposed to exceeding bandwidth limits on your server and being automatically bumped to an enterprise-level package.

When you sign up with a streaming service, you will be provided a snippet of code you can paste anywhere on your WordPress site. Most of the services offer customizable code that you can alter to change the appearance and feel of the video player. You might even be able to brand the player with your company logo.

The advantage of using a streaming service is that you get all the benefits of live video streaming without the headaches. Your service provider handles everything with no extra bandwidth or pressure put on your WordPress site.

Yes, you can stream video in WordPress. A lot of people are doing it with great results.

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